AP Chemistry Chapter 7 Atomic Structure


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periodic trends summarized http://www.knowmia.com/watch/lesson/6794
video lessons and notes Chemistry 301 UT http://ch301.cm.utexas.edu/unit2.php
Lecture of 7 video Electromagnetic radiation lecture
Video electromagnetic radiation what is light?
Use of electromagnetic radiation Use of electromagnetic radiation
History of Quantum Mechanics quantum
Quantum Mechanics the Structure of the Atom The Structure of the Atom
Quantum Mechanics Quantum mechanics
Electromagnetics Electromagnetics
parts of a wave parts of a wave
NASA interactive NASA
Everything about the electromagnetic spectrum electromagnetic spectrum
Take a tour and explore waves Jr. University
The Photoelectric effect The photoelectric effect
Cathode Ray Tube Cathode Ray Tube
Spectrum of all elements Emission Spectrum
Aufbau Principle degenerate filling Aulfau Principle
Photoelectric Photoelectric Effect
building of sublevels and orbitals
quantum numbers quantum numbers
Quantum Number Rag! Quantum Number Rag
ORBITALS!! building Orbitals
orbital building transparent transparent orbital building

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Atomic Structure and Periodicity Atomic Structure and Periodicity